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In short about the SuperCom license agreement
The SuperCom software is licensed per developer. One license can be used on a desktop and on a notebook computer as long as it is used by the same developer, and it cannot be used concurrently or shared by other developers.
You don't need to pay any other fees when you distribute the SuperCom runtime files with the executable application software you've build and that is using the SuperCom runtime files.
Please also read the details below:



SuperCom ("SOFTWARE")

© Copyrighted Material - All rights reserved.

This is a legal agreement between you (either an individual or an entity) and ADONTEC® Computer Systems Ltd ("ADONTEC") for use of the SOFTWARE. Your acceptance of this agreement is required to use the SOFTWARE. Please carefully read this agreement before opening the package containing the SOFTWARE, or downloading or installing the SOFTWARE. Your opening of the package containing the SOFTWARE, downloading or installing of the SOFTWARE shall be conclusively deemed to constitute your acceptance of the terms of this agreement. If you do not agree with this agreement, do not open the package containing the SOFTWARE, do not download the SOFTWARE and do not install the SOFTWARE.

Ownership of the SOFTWARE including any documentation (computer files or printed material) accompanying the SOFTWARE and all intellectual property rights therein shall remain at all times with the copyright holder. ADONTEC hereby grants to you, and you accept, a single developer (individual) non-exclusive, non-transferable license to use the SOFTWARE only as authorized below. ADONTEC reserves all rights not expressly granted.

Any duplication of the SOFTWARE will be prosecuted. Copies may only be made for backup purposes. The SOFTWARE may not be used simultaneously by different developers (individuals) at different locations and on different machines, just as it is impossible that one physical book is read at the same time in different locations by several persons. At no time may the SOFTWARE be used by more than one developer at the same time for development purposes - nor may the SOFTWARE be distributed for use with applications other than those developed by you.
It is not permitted to remove or change copyright notices or other features identifying the SOFTWARE and the manufacturer.
You may use or modify the source code of the included sample code you have received with the SOFTWARE for the sole purpose to support your development of your software applications that depend on the SOFTWARE. All files of the SOFTWARE as contained on the original data medium or received by other means may not be passed on unless explicitly permitted (see "runtime files").

The documentation refers to certain files as "runtime files" or "redistributable files" (e.g. scom*.ocx, supercom.dll, protocol.dll, getversion.exe, regocx.exe, etc.). Runtime files, to the extent used by the application, may be distributed with the application as described below.

In short:
(a) The "Application developer" can bound and freely ship the runtime files of the SOFTWARE with the executable application software(s) they are building.
(b) The "Component developer" builds and distributes software components to other software developer of any kind and may not pass on the runtime files of the SOFTWARE together with products that are not stand-alone applications, but software components for developing other applications (e.g. DLL, OCX, TPU, TPW, LIB, .obj, .so). As a "Component developer" one can freely ship the created component but without the runtime files of the SOFTWARE. The other developer receiving this component must also own a license of the SOFTWARE in order to get access to the runtime files of the SOFTWARE. If you build a component that is used to build your own application(s) (executable files e.g. ".EXE") then please read (a) "Application developer".

More specific:
(a) "Application developer": You the licensee may use, pass on or sell your own executable application software, which you have written with the SOFTWARE, free of any license fees (royalty-free). The SOFTWARE does include one or more so-called runtime files (e.g. scom*.ocx, supercom.dll, protocol.dll, getversion.exe, regocx.exe, ...). The licensee is granted the right to distribute any of the runtime files referenced by its own applications, in conjunction with and as part of the application, free of any license fees (royalty-free).
An "application" that provides function interfaces (API) for software developers is also a library / component, etc. and not a pure application (see b).

(b) "Component developer": You the licensee may distribute your own source code, components, units, libraries (e.g. DLL, OCX, TPU, TPW, LIB, .obj, .so) that depend upon the SOFTWARE free of any license fees (royalty-free). However, the receiver which is also a developer must also own a license of the SOFTWARE in order to use your source code, components, units, libraries to create applications. Any developer using the SOFTWARE directly or indirectly (e.g. through your component) must obtain the right to do so by owning a license of the SOFTWARE.
Software components are libraries and typically provide direct or indirect programmatic access to the SOFTWARE and the use is reserved for the licensee only.
An "application" that provides functional interfaces (API) to software developers is also a library / component, etc. and not a pure application and requires a developer license of the SOFTWARE for the receiver software developer for each distribution.

The distribution of other files than the runtime files with your application is prohibited unless expressly permitted. This applies in particular to license files, source code files, documentation and other files.

This SOFTWARE is licensed only to you, the licensee, and may not be transferred to anyone without the prior written consent of ADONTEC. Enabling others to use your registration code or serial number is strictly prohibited. In no event may you transfer, rent, lease, sell, redistribute, re-license or sub-license the SOFTWARE.
Reverse Engineering
Licensee may not, under any circumstances, reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble, or otherwise attempt to discover, reconstruct, or identify the source code for the SOFTWARE or any user interface techniques, algorithms, logic, protocols, or specifications included, incorporated, or implemented therein. Furthermore, except as expressly authorized by ADONTEC in the Documentation, Licensee may not, under any circumstances, modify, port, translate, or create derivative works of the SOFTWARE or Documentation. Any sale or resale of intellectual property or created derivatives so obtained will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of all local and international law.
Redistribution Restrictions
The licensee may not redistribute the redistributable files of the SOFTWARE if the developed software exposes the core functionality of the SOFTWARE through a programmable interface or similar ways.
Non-compete Restriction
Under no circumstances may the SOFTWARE be used, in whole or in part, as the basis for creating a product that provides the same, or substantially the same, functionality as the SOFTWARE, that directly or indirectly competes with the SOFTWARE.
When distributing the software application you develop, you must ensure that only the licensed and authorized users of yours have access to your software application and the related runtime files of the SOFTWARE. Under no circumstances may the self-created software including the runtime files of the SOFTWARE be easy and freely provided on the internet or other media for free use.
Backup Copy
A reasonable number of copies of the SOFTWARE may only be made for back-up purposes. Anybody reproducing the SOFTWARE will be prosecuted.

You acknowledge that the SOFTWARE, its license keys, sample programs, and any documentation or other information provided to you by ADONTEC, or provided to you during discussions about or in connection with the SOFTWARE (including during the provision by ADONTEC of any support), contain trade secrets and confidential information of ADONTEC.
You agree to maintain all such "Confidential Information" in confidence and apply security measures to prevent their unauthorized disclosure and use. Such measures to be no less stringent than the measures which you apply (or should reasonably apply) to protect your own like information, but not less than a reasonable degree of care.
You are free to use, to incorporate this received information or sample programs with the software application you develop using the SOFTWARE. You agree not to share, distribute or publish any parts of the received information or source code.

DEMO versions, Freeware etc.
If the customer wishes to offer DEMO versions of his software, then only runtime files of the SOFTWARE that are officially available as DEMO versions in the download area may be included. If required, we can also help the customer here. Under no circumstances may the runtime files of the SOFTWARE be used in DEMO versions, in so-called "freeware", "shareware", "trialware", "open source" or similar projects without written official approval.

This agreement is effective until terminated. This agreement will terminate automatically without notice from ADONTEC if you fail to comply with any provision of this agreement. Upon termination you shall destroy the written materials and all copies of the SOFTWARE previously licensed to you.

We always make every effort to supply to you a perfect SOFTWARE. We would like to bring to your attention though that with the present level of technology we cannot guarantee that the SOFTWARE program works interrupt and error-free in all combinations and applications. No guarantee is given for the correctness of the contents of this manual since errors, in spite of all efforts, never can be completely avoided. For this reason we are grateful anytime for comments. All claims of the buyer become statute-barred one year after the transfer of risk, unless there are legal regulations to the contrary. Then the statutory minimum periods apply.

The buyer bears the responsibility for the intended use of the products supplied by us. The liability for indirect damages, direct damages, follow on damages and damages to third parties is excluded within the legal framework. The liability through gross negligence and intent is hereby unaffected, in each case though the liability is limited to the purchase price.
The use of our freeware products and beta versions is always at the customer's own risk, any liability is excluded here. Of course, we try to publish them without significant or known defects.

The designated developer may install and use the SOFTWARE on the developing station he fully controls and that may include a desktop type of computer and a mobile type of computer in order to have the ability to use the software while in office or on customers side.

A short description about the installation procedure.

Please, don't hesitate to eMail us any questions regarding this license agreement and copyright issues.

API = Application Programming Interface


Q: What to you mean by executable application ?
A: The application should be a compiled executable application. The application cannot be a script file where anyone can see the serial number or function calls, change it, etc. For example, when used in Excel or Access VBA, it must be protected by a password. A simple script file (e.g. ".BAT", ".CMD", etc.) cannot be protected from unauthorized viewing and is therefore only suitable for the licensee's in-house applications (see also below).

Q: Is it possible to use the SOFTWARE it with VBA in MS Office (e.g. Access, Excel)?
A: Yes. The VBA code must be at least password protected in order to protect the serial number, the SOFTWARE specific code and related information.

Q: Is it possible to use the SOFTWARE it in a Batch file or Script (e.g. .BAT, .CMD)?
A: Only in-house. A pure text file cannot protect the serial number, the SOFTWARE specific code and related information.
Why not use C# or VB net to build one or more small console programs as software components (Utilities) executed by your application ?

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