PCMCIA Serial Cards
PCMCIA RS-232, RS-422, RS-485

Asynchronous Communication Cards for PCMCIA (PC Serial Card)

Following a list of Asynchronous Communication Cards for the PCMCIA slot. Please, don't hesitate to eMail us any additional questions you might have.


PCMCIA-1F, -2F, -4F

Serial Card, PCMCIA RS232 RS485 RS422 PC Card

The following PCMCIA to Serial Adapter Cards are specially designed for mobile computing (e.g. Notebook, Laptop etc) containing a PCMCIA Typ II slot (PC Card). A Notebook using an Asynchronous Card for PCMCIA is ready for serial data communications.

Supported baud rates and operating systems.
(DOS, OS/2, Windows 3.x and Windows CE not supported !)

Prices Price list...

Ordering Id:
PCMCIA-1F (1xRS-232)
PCMCIA-2F (2xRS-232)
PCMCIA-4F (4xRS-232)

PCMCIA-1F-485 (1xRS-422/485, auto enable/disable RS-485, 921.6 kbps)
PCMCIA-2F-485 (2xRS-422/485, auto enable/disable RS-485, 921.6 kbps)
PCMCIA-4F-485 (4xRS-422/485, 115 kbps)

The PCMCIA-1F to PCMCIA-4F perfectly extend a Notebook with additional COMM ports, even if it has no comm ports at all.


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