Serial Communication Library for Windows

Serial data communication for Windows

The Serial Communication Library for Windows


Serial Communication Library, RS-232, RS-485 Toolkit. ZMODEM, Kermit, 3964, 3964R, RK512, LSV2, MODBUS, protocol

The SuperCom Serial Communication Library for Windows is a programer's toolkit (software component / library and tools, a lightweight form of a SDK) used to develop serial communication applications under Windows and compatible operating systems.

The SuperCom API fits excellent into the modularity concept of Windows and is extremely portable. SuperCom was designed from the beginning to be used in high demanding commercial and industrial applications.

With SuperCom data communication (transmitting and receiving of data and many other functions) take place in the background enabling the application to perform other tasks while data transmission takes place.

Using SuperCom you easily write serial communication applications and control serial ports, Modem, Barcode Scanner, Scales, PLC, GPS receiver, POS, serial medical devices, serial printer etc.
Develop easily applications to accomplish serial data and file transfer incl. file server applications.

Handle many concurrent and stable connections to serial ports e.g. RS-232, RS-422 and RS-485 (multidrop networks). Handle many different serial events as it happens. Handle special serial 9-bit data framing.

Easily read and write data to the serial port. Send data through the serial port without delay.

With the SuperCom Serial Communication Library transmitting and receiving serial data takes place in the background enabling the application to perform other tasks while serial data transmission takes place.

Setup and handle concurrently multiple connections, run lengthly jobs in background (for example: connect, file transfer, collect data packets, trigger events), execute fast with low latency and consume less is what SuperCom was made for from it's first day.

Stable and fast file transfers in backgound are just one function call away using well known ZMODEM, YMODEM, XMODEM, KERMIT, ASCII.

Need industrial access like MODBUS? We ship a very robust industry proven MODBUS package used for many years in industrial projects.

SuperCom is not only well known for it's unmatched stability but also for its portability. Use one SuperCom API to compile Windows and Linux programs.

Many more details incl. common code snippets presented here.


SuperCom API
Extremely powerfull, flexible and full-featured SuperCom API to build robust, high performance data communications application.

Portable - One API to learn and use
Run your data communications under Windows or Linux using one API.

Reliable - The Most Important Part
Working closely with innovated and high demanding customers in industry we've cultivated our reputation for reliability. Our customers are used to get what we promise. The software must be rock solid or else it will fail sooner or later.

Flexible - Avoiding limits
The software offers many functions, protocols and customization possibilities. The software can be used with many developing environment (IDE) and compiler.

Technical Support - Located In-House
And is well trained with in-depth understanding of the technology.

You - Gain Confidence
Knowing that pro's with large in-depth know-how are backing you up.


More Info?

More SuperCom details can be found here.

What to order?

Available packages for Windows can be found here.

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