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Data Communication class SerialPort

The NET class SerialPort

Does the original NET class "SerialPort" limit your options? Do you have speed issues, receive incorrect data, exceptions crash the application, synchronization or timing issues?

The NET System.IO.Ports.SerialPort class which ships free with .NET is limited and works "not very close" to what one would expect in serial data communication. As many customers admitted, the data communication with the NET SerialPort class was limited and not working reliable.

The NET SerialPort class provides limited event messages. It is also not possible to trigger an event with a character other than Eof (ASCII 26).

Easy move to SuperCom
To ease your move to SuperCom we implemented pretty much the same SerialPort class by using the SuperCom NET class TSCom. However, if possible, direct use of the SuperCom class "TSCom" should be preferred.

Event reporting on the edge
Both, the SuperCom "TSCom" class and also the SuperCom clone class "SerialPort" support the property "EventChar" so one can trigger the same Eof event, as known by NET SerialPort class. The property "EventChar" goes a big step further by supporting not only the ASCII 26 (Eof) but also any ASCII character (e.g. 04) as a trigger for the same event. The application can thus define any custom single-character terminator. A real handy feature that allows, for example, to wake up the application as soon as the data terminator arrives and reading the whole data packet in one step. Synchronization or timing issues avoided.

Functions for a flexible data communication
The SuperCom NET classes "SuperCom" and "TSCom" are offering by far more and are fast and flexible and used in hard industrial environments for decades.

"TSCom" offers serial data communication, 9-Bit and RS-485 multi drop, Modem, TAPI, a data packet collector that runs completely in background, file transfer protocols that run completely in background like ASCII, XMODEM, YMODEM, ZMODEM, Kermit and many more. The NET classes "SuperCom" and "TSCom" also support TCP/IP client and TCP/IP server.

The above are just some of the many features included in SuperCom that allow the development of reliable and fast data communication software.

Best documented and supported
The NET classes "SuperCom", "TSCom", "SerialPort" and other SuperCom NET protocol classes are included as C# source code (more than 15,000 lines of C# code). C# developers can include the source code (SComClass.cs) directly or reference the "ClassLibrarySuperCom.dll". VB net developers are referencing the "ClassLibrarySuperCom.dll".
The SuperCom is excellent documented (PDF, .chm) and comes with huge amount of NET samples for C# and VB net.

Save time for a better application. And in case you have any questions, while you are working with the SuperCom library, the technicians and programmers at ADONTEC are one email away (average response time is 4 hours).

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