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»Are you already developing or still looking for the right tool?«

Gain Time And Save Money! Let us be part of the solution. Take advantage of our Free consultation.

With the right tools, it can sometimes be a lot easier than it currently looks.

Desktop applications like a Backup, Antivirus or ZIP are easy to test within a short time frame. It makes sense to try some before purchase. A developers library, on the other hand, is much more complicated and time consuming. First setting up a developing environment, find some missing piece of information, some blur in the manual and »Yes, time is valuable we need the answer within the next 15 minutes« often end in frustration!

The test of a developers library literally means to develop the application nearly to the end and see how it behaves (to mention a few: stability, runtime response, memory leakage, thread synchronisation). Anything less is not significant enough.

Download the ready-made DEMO software and test the SuperCom functionality with your hardware, operating system or protocol. The source code of the DEMO is also included with each product.

We at ADONTEC are working hard to produce highly innovated tools accompanied with fast and accurate technical support.

If you are novice in software development or just unsure which product to select, we gladly assist. eMail your requirements and we will return to you fast. What we offer is guaranteed to work as documented and we provide fast and accurate technical support to our customers.
We cannot provide that service for "playing" around with trial software, sorry!

If the suggested product fails we will gladly refund. That's our promise.

Please also read our Terms of delivery.


Directors Statement

Please understand that Manuals and Sample programs of some products include cumulative Know-How that we share with licensed customers only.

Some companies try to reduce or even avoid technical support by offering trial versions of products. That is often a drama for the software developer. Since one can only hope that someone else has solved his very specific problem instead of receiving direct help from the makers.

We believe that even the best tool must be bundled with accurate technical support*.

* Within 24 hours, mostly less than 4 hours.

Please also pay attention to our terms of sale / delivery ...


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