Python Library for serial and TCP/IP data communication

SuperCom enables multiple connections using Python in order to access serial interfaces (RS-232, RS-422/485, 20mA, etc.), ISDN, modem, TAPI, TCP/IP servers etc. at the same time.

The SuperCom as a universal data communication library offers an extensive protocol collection for industrial use with protocol modules (drivers) such as MODBUS, 3964, S7 plc, Heidenhain TNC.

Serial and tcp/ip communication RS-232, RS-485 Toolkit used with Python. Control serial interfaces. Protocols ZMODEM,YMODEM,XMODEM,KERMIT,MODBUS,ASCII
  • Reading and writing the serial port
  • Establishing connections via modem, TAPI
  • Connections to TCP/IP servers
  • Establishing connections via ISDN
  • Transmission of files using ZMODEM, KERMIT, YMODEM, XMODEM, ASCII, etc.
  • Reading and writing of PLC data via 3964, RK512, S7 protocol, Modbus, Heidenhain etc.
  • Secure transmission of binary data
  • One COMMON API to use for Windows and Linux
  • A real portable library

Samples also provided.

Using Python for Windows it is also possible to create data communication scripts.

Sample with Python

def OnFile(ComId, EventCode, Data, pFileData):
  # handle events
return infCONTINUE

ret = RS_OpenLink(strConfig);

if ret >= 0:  # tcp/ip connected ?
  Com = ret   # ComId 


# or  
# RS_TXPInTimeStr(ComId,"Hello\r\n",SEC_1):

# transfer a file using the ZMODEM protocol
  strFileName = test.txt"
  print("Transmit fileName=", sFileName.value)
  dwRes = RS_TXFile(Com, PROTOCOL_ZMODEM, strFileName , OnFile)

  RS_Delay(1000)  # delay 1 second

  # Done close connection

Combine Python and SuperCom for data transmition, modem connection, file transmission using standard protocols like ZMODEM,YMODEM,XMODEM,KERMIT,ASCII.

With SuperCom there is one common API (Application Programming Interface).

Python can also use SuperCom for TCP/IP or ISDN and also the many industrial protocols like 3964, RK512, Heidenhain, Modbus, S7.

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